The Youth of Collingwood present a weekend of youth films and entertainment. Join us for our double feature presentation of Failing With Flying Colours – a youth short film – and No Home in Sight – a documentary about youth homelessness in Collingwood and the surrounding area.

Based on a 2018 enumeration, there are 697 people across Simcoe County are homeless… 197 of them are under the age of 17. Failing With Flying Colours is a glimpse at the life of Roddy, a homeless youth, as he is homeless in Collingwood. Our team talks with youth in No Home in Sight as they share their stories and they provide an in-depth look at the everyday struggles of at-risk and homeless youth in our community.

First inspired by Jessica Owen’s articles on two homeless youth from Collingwood, our goal is to raise $20,000 that will go to an emergency fund for at-risk and homeless youth – providing blankets, warm clothes, food, and hotel vouchers; enough to make their lives easier. Our team is also promoting a backlot party on the afternoon of the 25th that will raise money for our homelessness fund, we will be serving amazing food and have live music for your enjoyment! Together, we can work to end homelessness in Simcoe County.