We want you to know how pleased we are to announce the completion of a Shelter Feasibility study and the official transfer of the Out of The Cold Collingwood program to the Board and management team at The Busby Centre as of May 1st. There will be no changes to the COVID-19 emergency shelter due to this transition.

Read the letter to community partners here.

The Feasibility Study is clear — the cost of a stand-alone shelter is expensive. In a dedicated 20-bed shelter, a single bed costs $40-50,000 a year. It is much more practical to invest that $40-50,000 into housing and supports each year, which would have much better outcomes for the people we serve. But we still need an entry point for people experiencing homelessness, and our community needs affordable housing units where rent supplements can keep people housed.


The Study recommends a central hub model of services for our community. This would see people being served through an emergency shelter system within a shared space model, with an outflow of people into immediate housing options and support. The goal is for homelessness to be rare, brief, and non-reoccurring.

The Feasibility Study recommendations will guide the future planning and investments in our community. You can read the full Feasibility Study here.

Sara Peddle (Executive Director), the Busby Board of Directors, the management team, and the local team at the COVID-19 emergency shelter, all look forward to working with all the SGB stakeholders to create the shortest path from homelessness to housing.

Thanks to all of you, our supporters, and donors! We have a long road ahead, but with determination and your support, we are working to eliminate chronic homelessness in South Georgian Bay by December 2024.




Pamela Hillier                                               Sara Peddle

Executive Director                                        Executive Director

Community Connection                               The Busby Centre